Court to Decide if Illegals Count for Voting Purposes

An Insider’s Take on Two Supreme Court Cases That Could Affect the Makeup of Your State Legislature On Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in two important voting rights cases. How the Court rules could have a huge impact on the composition of state legislatures across the country. Both cases involve the “one person, […]

Supreme Court Bends To Obama, Slashes Time for Texas Filing

Once again the Supreme Court bends over backwards to accommodate President Obama by slashing the time the state of Texas was granted to file its reply to Obama’s petition to the Court from the accustomed 30 days to just 8 days. The Court’s action is specifically designed to allow the Court to rubberstamp Obama’s unconstitutional […]

Obama’s Unilateral Immigration Amnesty Plan Gets to the Supreme Court

On Friday, the U.S. Justice Department filed a 35-page petition asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review Texas v. U.S., the case filed by 26 states against President Obama’s immigration amnesty plan. The government is appealing a preliminary injunction that stopped implementation of Obama’s amnesty plan, which was issued by a federal district court and […]

Will Supreme Court Bail Out Obama Again Over Amnesty?

President Barack Obama is going back to the Supreme Court in order to bail out one of his major policy disasters. On Friday, Obama’s lawyers begged the Court to overturn federal district and appeals courts and rule that his executive actions on amnesty for illegal aliens are constitutional.  Legal papers filed on Friday call for […]

Obama Whines to Supreme Court to Bail Out His Amnesty Powergrab

Thwarted at the district and appeal courts, President Barack Obama turns to his ace in the hole when it comes to rubberstamping his executive powergrabs: the Supreme Court. The swift decision by the Obama administration to appeal brought quick praise from Democratic lawmakers and immigrant advocates, who have raised alarms that the fate of Obama’s […]

Illegal Immigrant Sex Offenders Roam Free

Illegal Immigrant sex offenders are released without being tracked or placed on sex offender lists like most American citizens convicted of such crimes would be. FOX 13 found the zipcodes that the criminal aliens reported at the time of their release. Where they are now, no one knows — and the government that operates a […]