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Minuteman Project
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 by Judah

As dangerous as it is, don't you think it's time we demonstrated against illegal immigration? These illegals must be sent a strong message: the fraud "president" may welcome you, but We the People do not. Enter by a legal port of entry, and don't expect a free ride. "Vuelte a tú pais."

 by Nicole
More Americans need to step up!

We cannot rely on the government to protect our borders. More Americans need to go to the border, armed. I am disabled and cannot do it, but am willing to fund. Are “minutemen” there anymore? Are there any other groups? God bless you guys!

 by Tom Trott
Where are the minutemen?

Where are the MINUTEMEN? Why aren't they at the TEXAS BORDER? Whar happened to Jim Gilcrist? Where is the MINUTEMAN leadership?

We need you guys..........NOW!!!!

 by David Miller
Nothing new

In the early 70s, I was a deputy in Palm Beach County. We had a period where Illegals were being dropped off at Juno Beach Florida. These Hatiansrecieved cards in french, where to report to be subsidized by YOU and NE. More than 30% drowned because they werevthriwn iverboard near the shore, most could not swim. We have revolved to point where vigilantizm will probably ruse again. Thatvus also nothing mew. It has been going on since biblical times, small countries such as Findland. Research the routes of descent. It all come back to when law enforcement is ineffective, the people take the law into theirvown hands. We have not learned from history, so it will continue in the absence of successful laws and enforcement.

 by E. Gershman
Scientific basis of conservatism

Dear Mr J. Gilchrist :

I am an expert on the theory of social systems.

I have created a theory of History and published a book about the Theory, which is the scientific basis of conservatism.

I recommend MP to discuss my article "Businessmen, strain brains!" on the future evolution of the USA.

Regards, E. Gershman


 by Mike b.

Would like to join contact me back please

 by John

Here we go again, kick the can down the road. Will congress ever get there act together ?

 by Pierre Bierre

Jim - Did you see on Wolf Blitzer CNN last Monday (08/24)? One guest was allowed to talk about the 1950s successful removal of illegal immigrants.

Otherwise, the media are 100% self-censoring any expert opinion about Trump's proposal to remove all illegals, and then allow some back in legally.

Do you guys have any retired INS / ICE / CBP officers who are willing to speak publicly about :

- the 1950s removal program

- similarity of Trump's proposal to what worked

in 1950s

If you can feed me some speakers or authors, I'll work to get them TV / media interviews.

I am a citizen activist, semi-retired, with time to work on this task.

 by Doris

We cannot afford to donate to all worthy causes; however, we are willing to send letters/petitions to all elected and appointed officials when they are needed. May God Bless you for everything that you have done and are still doing daily to save America and Americans!

 by Richard Hohn

Please see the attached web site for information of a murder of a 60 year old woman by and illegal immigrant in the Painesville Ohio area. This has all the same makings as the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco. The illegal was living in Painesville, Ohio, a sanctuary city. One of 5 sanctuary cities in Ohio.

I feel this story must to be heard.

Dick Hohn

Montgomery Ohio

513-314-0561 Cell

 by Tom Alstadt

I applaud Ted Cruz for standing up on the senate floor and calling out Mitch McConnell for what he is - a liar! The senate needs to fire McConnell and get someone that exhibits character, integrity, and leadership. Mitch has none of those attributes.

 by Larry G.
Liberal Insanity

In response to the poor young woman who died in her fathers arms shot in San Francisco by a illegal alien with a lengthy criminal record and been been deported 5 times! how come illegal aliens living in sanctuary cities (like SF) receive "get of jail free cards" and American citizens do not? this the epitome of Liberalism? Liberal politicians will do just about anything and even jeopardize public safety to stay in power

Larry G.

Palm bay, FL

 by Nancy Cuddeback
Stolen Visas

Recently it was reported that a truck carrying U.S. visas in Mexico was hijacked. Maybe this something your viewers should know about since only Fox News mentioned it. And just why are we sending them visas anyway? Isn't it enough that they're spilling over the border.

 by Steve D.

From: deleted to protect writer

Subject: Thanks, Ideas

Date: June 3, 2015 at 6:18:17 PM PDT


Dear Jim Gilchrist,

Thanks for the fine work you and your organization are doing to protect America.

To save this country we must put an immediate moratorium on all immigration, all work visas and all student visas then we must require all individuals in the United States illegally to return to their homeland. We must deport as needed.

We then must cancel all student loan debt, end all federal subsidies to all Colleges, Universities and community colleges and end the student loan program.

These first two important reform steps will protect America from this open borders foreign invasion and put American citizens on the path to becoming financially sound and becoming reabsorbed back into the American economy.

Your organization is doing good work but we need to get competent people in the political arena that are able to advance ideas like these.

Both the Democrats and Republicans as parties are useless in this regard.

We need to get these ideas out on radio media in a much more competent way, a more structured way and in a much more widespread way then is currently being done.

If you are interested in communicating more about these ideas please get back to me I would like to talk more about ideas I have to defend and save our nation.

A word about me:

I have a degree in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) from UNH (University of New Hampshire).

I have worked in the defense industry, in private industry and in a technology start up company.

I ran unsuccessfully for local office twice.

I wrote a column in Show Case Magazine (apparently gone now) which was a weekly insert in the Fosters Daily Democrat newspaper in New Hampshire.

I had a radio show on 106.1 FM Portsmouth community radio.

I have written two books and I have done independent research on a number of social and economic issues.


Steve D.

Portsmouth NH

 by Glenn Drake

My ancestors came to America before colonial times and built this great nation. It pains me to see it being invaded and overpowered by Mexicans who see no need to obey the laws here. They are ignorant, nasty, and lazy. They think it is their God given right to have free medical, dental, food stamps, welfare, and money for college. Our country has gone crazy because the elected officials keep giving them these benefits. Illegal means against the law and has always meant you get punished. Why should that change now??? These liberals are nuts and elected a Muslim to office who is illegal himself. Assbama should be impeached for creating all of these laws and approving of amnesty. Let's get a good Republican in office who will get these low class dirty illegals out of the country ASAP and bring more White people to the USA again. I look at states like California, Texas, new mexico, and Arizona and it pains me to see how they have destroyed these beautiful states. There is crime everywhere and people speaking Spanish loudly in public. I was on a bus in New York and a Mexican woman demanded that I speak Spanish. What is coming to this country? If we do not stop the illegals they will become the majority and we will be force dot speak Spanish and live in the ghetto.

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