Supreme Court Bends To Obama, Slashes Time for Texas Filing

Once again the Supreme Court bends over backwards to accommodate President Obama by slashing the time the state of Texas was granted to file its reply to Obama’s petition to the Court from the accustomed 30 days to just 8 days. The Court’s action is specifically designed to allow the Court to rubberstamp Obama’s unconstitutional […]

Pelosi “Stunned” Anyone Opposes Obama’s Unconstitutional Executive Actions

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said it was “just stunning” anyone thought President Obama’s unconstitutional executive actions on amnesty for illegal aliens were unjustified. A federal district judge along with a full panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals have already ruled against Obama so its not terrible stunning to anyone. Pelosi went on […]

Court Deals Third Blow to Obama’s Amnesty By Executive Action

On Monday night, a three-judge panel on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit struck a blow to President Barack Obama’s attempt to confer lawful presence and work authorizations on more than four million illegal immigrants. In a 2-1 decision, the panel ruled that a preliminary injunction that blocks Obama’s “Deferred Action for […]

Bernie Says He’ll Ignore Congress on Amnesty

Renegade Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is trying to outpander Hillary Clinton when it comes to illegal aliens. Hillary has already said she would go farther in ignoring illegal aliens crimes than Barack Obama and now Bernie Sanders has seen her illegal alien bet and raised it. Sanders, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for […]

Rubio’s Position on Amnesty Exactly the Same as Obama’s

Republican Presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio tried to draw a distinction between his position on amnesty for illegal and President Obama’s on amnesty but he ended up basically agreeing with the President. Rubio made the remarks while old spanish-language outlet Univision. Rubio said, in part: DACA…applies to young people that arrived in this country at […]

Obama’s Secret Plot to Undermine Federal Judge’s Ruling on Amnesty

A leaked memo has exposed a secret Obama Administration plot to undermine a federal judge’s ruling blocking his executive action granting millions of illegal aliens amnesty. The document, apparently prepared as follow-up from a DHS “Regulations Retreat” last summer, appears sure to re-ignite concerns in Congress as well as federal judges in the Fifth Circuit. […]