Obama Whines to Supreme Court to Bail Out His Amnesty Powergrab

Thwarted at the district and appeal courts, President Barack Obama turns to his ace in the hole when it comes to rubberstamping his executive powergrabs: the Supreme Court.Obama-Amnesty

The swift decision by the Obama administration to appeal brought quick praise from Democratic lawmakers and immigrant advocates, who have raised alarms that the fate of Obama’s actions would remain unresolved at a time when a plethora of GOP presidential candidates are aggressively pledging to reverse his unilateral moves.

“I didn’t expect the type of ruling we would want to see out of that circuit,” Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) said Tuesday. “I am glad to have the opportunity to accelerate the process to the Supreme Court. I’ve called upon the administration to do that; good to see they’re doing it.”

Obama and the rest of the Far Left power establishment know they can rely on the Supreme Court to buckle under to pressure from the mainstream media and power elites when it comes to rubberstamping obviously unconstitutional moves by the Obama Administration.

“I think that’s likely where it’s going to end up, is 5-4. But I’m not totally convinced that it will be 5-4 the way I’d like to see it,” added Menendez. “If the court is true to previous decisions it’s made on executive authority, then I think it will be a positive one for my view. If the court somehow tries to differentiate this one, then it could be a negative one.”

Time is running out on Obama.  Even if his minions at the Department of Justice expedite the case, a ruling would not be handed down for quite some time.