Commentary by Jim Gilchrist:

There is a concerted effort underway in our nation to literally change our culture, our common bond of language, our geographical borders, our state and national sovereignty, and many other elements that comprise our nation’s unity.
As English-speaking European-based white America is replaced with alternative ethnicities speaking non-English languages and practicing non-American traditions, the America we have known for the psst 200 plus years will be morphed into something completely in conflict with our tradition and history.
Essentially, our history books will be rewritten by those who dislike our America, and those books will be used to teach the “new” American history in our schools. A new picture of America will evolve that will have little reflection of the true foundations of our country.
The concepts of “rule of law,” and “unity” will be replaced with mutual hatred and oppression among the various cultures, languages, ethnicities, and religions that will each seek prominence and dominion over each other.
If this is what our citizenry wants, either by will, or by negligent default, then so be it. But, I do not recall our citizenry ever being asked if the chaotic non-enforcement of U.S. immigration law was acceptable to that citizenry.
I will always support legal immigration into the USA, but only in a prescribed number of foreigners with the vocational skills and personal integrity necessary to continue our nation as a global economic power and a civilized society.
I look forward to the Donald Trump administration to bring about a very positive change of course for our country, and to make America great again…a nation unified by a common bond of language and respect for our rules of law.