Corrupt politics brings us rampant illegality


Frank Medina and Julian Zatarain

I would like to express my disappointment in person to the Huntington Park City Council.   

However, because those of us with viewpoints opposed to the encouragement and literal promotion of the illegal alien invasion of the USA are put at risk of vile attack by anti-free speech loons, we are not safe to do so. 

Free speech is reserved to the meanest thugs wielding the biggest clubs.  

I pray the next resident of the White House actually enforces U.S. laws and indicts all of the corrupt political governors of “Sanctuary Cities” who have had anything to do with the pandering of this outrageous, rampant invasion of our country.  

The reckless stupidity of the sanctuary city fanatics only promotes more lawlessness. After all, why should anyone obey any laws at all when respect for our laws has been morphed by our political governors into something that only applies to those persons naive, gullible, or downright foolish enough to obey our laws?  

The sanctuary city promoters, especially the wimpish city council members who encourage it, are an insult to anyone who ever served in the military or lived a law-abiding life. 

“Mainstream politics” is no different from “mainstream media.”  They are both incurably corrupt.


Jim Gilchrist,

Founder and President,

The Minuteman Project