Supreme Court Bends To Obama, Slashes Time for Texas Filing

Once again the Supreme Court bends over backwards to accommodate President Obama by slashing the time the state of Texas was granted to file its reply to Obama’s petition to the Court from the accustomed 30 days to just 8 days.

The Court’s action is specifically designed to allow the Court to rubberstamp Obama’s unconstitutional executive action granting millions of illegal alien amnesty before Obama’s term in office mercifully ends.supreme court building

Texas asked for an extra 30 days to file its brief responding to the administration’s petition. Such extensions often are granted, but in this case the administration objected, because the practical effect would be to make it harder for the court to hear the case in the current term.

Instead, the court followed the suggestion of U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, who proposed granting Texas an eight-day extension. Late Tuesday, the court clerk informed attorneys that Texas had through Dec. 29 to file its brief.

Under Supreme Court procedures, that would allow the justices to consider granting the case at their private conferences on Jan. 15 and 22. Should they agree to hear the case, it almost certainly would be heard in April, the last month the court holds arguments during the current term, with a decision expected in June.

Clearly the inference that can be drawn from the Court’s action is that this was a political decision by the members of the Court to help Barack Obama enforce his unconstitutional dictates before he no longer can impose them. It certainly means the Court is ready to rubberstamp this egregious powergrab and open the barn door on amnesty before a new President would have a chance to overturn these illegal dictates.