Mike Olcott for Texas House

Born and Raised in North Texas “As a 5th generation Texan, born and raised in North Texas, I grew up with conservative values. As a Christian, I understand the importance of salt and light. As a research scientist, I was trained to always search for the truth. As the leader of the Parker County Conservatives, […]

Biden administration announces sky-high border numbers, looks to blame Trump

foxnews.com — Nearly 19,000 unaccompanied children were encountered in March, the highest recorded. Border officials encountered 172,000 migrants at the border in March, a 71% increase from February and the latest indicator of the extent of the crisis at the southern border — but one that Biden officials are trying to blame on the Trump […]

Biden and the Blame Game at the Border

Newyorker — Biden and the Blame Game at the Border uring the past decade, three U.S. Presidents have each faced a humanitarian emergency at the southern border. Barack Obama did in 2014, when tens of thousands of children from Central America arrived, without their parents, to seek asylum. Five years later, under Donald Trump—and the […]


MMP — NEWS FLASH! PRESIDENT TRUMP TO LAUNCH FREE SPEECH PLATFORM! President Donald Trump has announced the launching of his own social media platform, which is scheduled for release around the middle of June this year. I fired and deleted both Facebook and Twitter five weeks ago, in retaliation for their fascist censorship of people […]

Border agency reports spike of nearly 6,000 immigrant children crossing into US alone

theguardian — The surge is low compared to past years, but Covid-19 has reduced housing capacity, necessitating use of a controversial influx facility. Thousands of unaccompanied immigrant children are attempting to flee to the United States amid the coronavirus pandemic, propelled by devastating natural disasters, chronic violence, and severe economic hardship at home. US Customs […]

Biden surge: 3,500 migrants caught at border daily

washingtonexaminer — The surge of illegal immigrants has hit a near two-year high driven by indications that the Biden administration is opening the border wider than it was under former President Barack Obama, according to new border figures. What’s more, indications are that it will jump even further once the administration unveils its full immigration […]