Will Supreme Court Bail Out Obama Again Over Amnesty?

President Barack Obama is going back to the Supreme Court in order to bail out one of his major policy disasters.

On Friday, Obama’s lawyers begged the Court to overturn federal district and appeals courts and rule that his executive actions on amnesty for illegal aliens are constitutional.ObamaDictatorshort

 Legal papers filed on Friday call for the court’s immediate review of President Barack Obama’s plan to protect and give work permits to as many as 5 million immigrants. The immigrants affected are mainly the parents of American citizens and lawful permanent residents.

The appeal, filed a year after Obama announced his executive actions on immigration, injects the Supreme Court into a dispute between 26 mainly Republican-led states and the Democratic administration, amid a presidential race in which immigration has been a flashpoint.

If the court agrees to hear and decide the case by late June, and if the justices side with the administration, that would leave roughly seven months in Obama’s presidency to implement his plans.

Obama is throwing as much legal mumbo-jumbo against the wall hoping something will stick.

The administration makes three main arguments in its Supreme Court appeal: the states have no right to challenge the policy in federal court; the government followed appropriate procedure; and the administration has broad discretion in the area of immigration.

Texas, as the lead plantiff in the case, has 30 days to respond to Obama’s plea.  Texas can ask for more time and unless the Court decided to hear the case by mid-January, it is unlikely they will render a ruling before 2017.