How the establishment maintains its permanent ruling class. Clue: It ignores us.

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, Minuteman ProjectThe goal of the political establishment all along has been to “play ball” with each other to ensure that they will remain in control and in office perpetually. Never has the input of the general public over the illegal alien invasion dilemma been allowed to be considered in any decision making.

There are two ways to seize a country: with bayonets fixed and rifles blazing, or, by an incremental transfer of foreign nation’s populations into the host country (the USA) without limit. Nation states have been changed and re-ordered by the latter method repeatedly over the centuries.

The United States of America must face the fact that its traditions, heritage, language, culture, system of governance, and its borders are going to be replaced by 21st century colonists, from various countries around the world, who will continue invading its territory until the dominion of foreign nations over the traditional USA is complete.

Our Constitution, and our nation’s history, will also be incrementally rewritten to appease the demands of tens of millions (perhaps hundreds of millions) of unwanted newcomers who have come to America to plunder it, not to preserve it.

Thank you Democrats Sen. Ted Kennedy and President Lyndon Johnson for creating the death knell of what was once considered the greatest nation on earth. And thank you Republicans for cowering at the opportunities you have had over the decades to reverse the illegal alien invasion dilemma.

No Democrats, and only a handful of Republicans, have tried to preserve our nation’s heritage. Both parties have shown us that their reckless disregard for our nation’s immigration laws is more paramount to them than respect for their citizens. Downright disgusting. No other word could describe it.

I told you so.

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project