As Founder and President of The Minuteman Project I must ask for your support and your most generous financial contribution to assist us in our important work to end illegal immigration. We must ensure that no more laws are upturned, worked around, or blatantly ignored. We can no longer allow dangerous criminals to be let lose on the streets. We must end the lawlessness on our Southern Border.
Our mission is only as strong as those who stand with us.Your support makes a huge difference.
 Please help the Minuteman Project defend our borders. Whether it’s $2,000, $200 or $20, please know we will use it wisely in our battle to protect our nation.
Donations can be made by check to:
Minuteman Project Inc.
c/o 22 Vista Del Valle
Aliso Viejo, CA. 92656-6041
or by PayPal

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 Thank you for all your support. And God Bless America.

Jim Gilchrist

President and Founder, The Minuteman Project