Illegal Immigrant Sex Offenders Roam Free

Illegal Immigrant sex offenders are released without being tracked or placed on sex offender lists like most American citizens convicted of such crimes would be.

FOX 13 found the zipcodes that the criminal aliens reported at the time of their release. Where they are now, no one knows — and the government that operates a massive spying apparatus on Americans doesn’t care to keep track.

ICE officials don’t track sex offenders after releasing them into unsuspecting American neighborhoods. Nor do they put them on sex offender registries that might gives a heads-up to families who might prefer to raise their children in a rapist-free neighborhood. 

A Supreme Court decision in 2001 means illegal alien rapists cannot be held for more than six months if their home country doesn’t want them back.  Unsurprisingly, few of these rapists are taken back and 134,000  illegal aliens were released into American streets as a result.

Among the 36,000 criminal aliens released in 2013, 618 were sex offenders. On average, the agency is releasing 100 of these individuals per day.