Corrupt politics brings us rampant illegality

I would like to express my disappointment in person to the Huntington Park City Council.   However, because those of us with viewpoints opposed to the encouragement and literal promotion of the illegal alien invasion of the USA are put at risk of vile attack by anti-free speech loons, we are not safe to do so. Free […]

Minuteman Project Leader Endorses Donald Trump for President!  Suggests Cruz Run as VP.

Dear Americans, I have long held that the illegal alien population in the United States hovers just above 30 million…about 10% of the nation’s population. The annual cost to subsidize such a huge impoverished population is about $380 BILLION annually. That’s almost 1/2 TRILLION dollars annually! Go figure why the USA is $18 TRILLION in […]

Sanctuary Cities: The Creation of Bungling, Amateur Politicians with Air-Tight Stupidity

Dear America, Over the past few decades our nation’s trusted leadership has been hijacked by persons of grotesque incompetence, selfishness, and air-tight stupidity. It is painful to wake up every day now to an America that is no longer the great nation it once was, when it was managed under the leadership of exceptional political […]


Dear Patriots, Donald Trump, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, are critical to bringing the illegal alien invasion into the spot light of political campaigning. Without them, especially, Mr. Trump, there would be absolutely no discussion of the matter by either major party.  These two candidates are determined to bring America back under the rule of […]

Trump Strikes the Mother Lode of Popularity with Americans with his Blunt Candidness

Fellow Minutemen: The reason Donald Trump is scoring big with voters is because he is actually talking about issues that have been the source of a national anger for a couple decades now. Republicans try to talk the talk, but seldom walk the walk when it comes to simply enforcing US immigration laws.  Trump also speaks directly to […]

Fearful Republicans Attack One of Their Own as Trump Popularity Grows

Donald Trump is seen as a clear and present danger to his Republican competitors in the race for the Republican nomination for president in 2016. Not surprisingly, Republican candidates are targeting him for destruction.  The goal: eliminate the threat and acquire Trump’s voting block. The unintended consequence of attacking Trump, however, is that millions of […]