Introducing Amnesty 2.0 – New iOS Does It All, and It’s FREE!

Jim Gilchrist, MMP Exclusive — Amnesty 2.0 — The long-anticipated “immigration operating system” — is still in development, but that hasn’t stopped media pundits from sputtering with excitement over the projected benefits of the new iOS. The package not only addresses the bugs found in Ronald Reagan’s crash-prone Amnesty 1.0, it includes the most requested […]

Grassley Steps Up to the Plate – Seeks Expansion of E-Verify

Jim Gilchrist, MMP Exclusive — Not fooled by current immigration reform proposals that merely pay lip service to border security, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), the ranking member on the Senate judiciary committee, last week introduced legislation that would require all employers to confirm the legality of their employees through E-Verify. The Internet-based system provides employers […]

Amnesty is Not the Answer for GOP

Jim Gilchrist, MMP Exclusive — How many Latino voters can Republicans expect to gain by supporting amnesty? Not many, if history and performance are any indication. Consider this… After Ronald Reagan passed his amnesty in 1986, George Bush senior received only 30% of the Latino vote in 1988. In 2012, Latino voters supported President Barack […]

The Next Shot Heard Around the World – 2013

Steve Eichler, MMP Exclusive — Do the citizens of the United States view the Federal Government as an oppressive force occupying Washington? There came a point in American history – April 19, 1775 – that the colonists could no longer tolerate oppression of the occupying forces that consumed their rights and led to the revolution. […]

Spencer: Your Last Chance

Glenn Spencer, MMP Exclusive – It has been more than twenty years since I coined the phrase “Importing Poverty” to describe the influx of illegal aliens into Los Angeles. In today’s WND, Pat Buchanan describes how poor Hispanics really are and how this weds them to the Democrat Party. Obama knew this almost better than […]