VIDEO: MinuteMen Storming Mexican Embassy

U.S. Citizens "illegally" Inside of the Mexican Consulate San Bernardino, CA

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Minutemen storm Mexican Consulate, demand the same “freebies” from Mexico that are provided to illegal aliens in the U.S.


Twenty-five Minutemen and women opposed to Obama’s executive immigration program demonstrated in front of the San Bernardino, California City Hall adjacent to the San Bernardino Mexican Consulate Friday. After demonstrating in opposition to Obama’s executive immigration program, the Minutemen entered the San Bernardino Mexican Consulate to deliver a letter to the San Bernardino Mexican Consul […]

Exclusive Response: Santa Barbara News-Press responds to Jim Gilchrist


The world was shocked to hear of the recent assault on free speech by thugs in California. These anti-free speech vandals defaced building belonging to the Santa Barbara News-Press, allegedly due to the paper’s use of the word “illegals” to refer to people living illegally in the United States. Mr. Jim Gilchrist of the Minuteman […]

Border Agent’s “Desperate” Plea to Jim Gilchrist, Minuteman Project


Jim Gilchrist received this disturbing plea for help from a Border Patrol agent over the weekend. You won’t believe what this officer of the law is forced to witness!   From: [redacted] Subject:  Border Patrol Agent RGV Sector (Texas) Date: November 22, 2014 12:26:54 PM PST To: Jim Gilchrist I am a Border Patrol Agent in […]

Make this the first action of the 114th Congress


There is a perfectly simple way to stop the Executive Order regarding illegal immigrants and deportations. Congress can overturn it. It’s been done before. Now is the time to call your Congressman and Senators. You tell them you know that the President’s actions are unconstitutional. i.e. they are not powers enumerated to him under the Constitution. Then tell […]

Oregon – The blue canary


President Obama has threatened executive action on immigration if “Congress won’t act.” The thing is, Congress DID act on immigration. The House soundly rejected the Senate’s 2013 Pathway to Citizenship bill.  That was an action whether he liked it or not. The Senate bill was rejected because it’s a big ‘ol mess. It would have been tricky to implement and, in addition, […]