How the establishment maintains its permanent ruling class. Clue: It ignores us.

The goal of the political establishment all along has been to “play ball” with each other to ensure that they will remain in control and in office perpetually. Never has the input of the general public over the illegal alien invasion dilemma been allowed to be considered in any decision making. There are two ways […]

Jeb heckled over DREAMers – slams Trump

If further proof was needed, Jeb Bush showed himself to be more of a friend to illegal immigrants than he is to Americans at a speech this week. After he was heckled by an angry crowd chanting “No hope without our vote” during an address to a national Hispanic business group, he stopped to remind […]


Each year the Minuteman Project chooses a person whose historical contributions to our nation’s heralded stature as a nation of laws is so profound that he or she merits our organization’s designation as “Minuteman of The Year.” It is our sincere honor to announce the Minuteman Project’s Minuteman of the Year for 2015:  Ms. Ann Coulter, one […]

Corrupt politics brings us rampant illegality

I would like to express my disappointment in person to the Huntington Park City Council.   However, because those of us with viewpoints opposed to the encouragement and literal promotion of the illegal alien invasion of the USA are put at risk of vile attack by anti-free speech loons, we are not safe to do so. Free […]

Minuteman Project Leader Endorses Donald Trump for President!  Suggests Cruz Run as VP.

Dear Americans, I have long held that the illegal alien population in the United States hovers just above 30 million…about 10% of the nation’s population. The annual cost to subsidize such a huge impoverished population is about $380 BILLION annually. That’s almost 1/2 TRILLION dollars annually! Go figure why the USA is $18 TRILLION in […]

Sanctuary Cities: The Creation of Bungling, Amateur Politicians with Air-Tight Stupidity

Dear America, Over the past few decades our nation’s trusted leadership has been hijacked by persons of grotesque incompetence, selfishness, and air-tight stupidity. It is painful to wake up every day now to an America that is no longer the great nation it once was, when it was managed under the leadership of exceptional political […]

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