Minuteman Project Leader Endorses Donald Trump for President!  Suggests Cruz Run as VP.

trumpcruz2016_360Dear Americans,

I have long held that the illegal alien population in the United States hovers just above 30 million…about 10% of the nation’s population.

The annual cost to subsidize such a huge impoverished population is about $380 BILLION annually. That’s almost 1/2 TRILLION dollars annually!

Go figure why the USA is $18 TRILLION in debt after so many decades of encouraging the transfer of poor and unskilled masses from Mexico and Central America (and other countries, too) into the United States.  

US taxpayers are required to pay off this enormous debt with increased tax levies in the future. Not just income tax increases, but increases in sales taxes, real estate taxes, DMV fees, excise taxes on utilities and telephones, and various other increased surtaxes, etc., etc…with no end in sight.

Donald Trump appears determined to bring our nation back under the rule of law insofar as U.S. immigration laws are concerned.

Americans, please join me in endorsing Donald Trump for president 2016. Furthermore, I think Texas Senator Ted Cruz is an excellent pick for vice president. These two candidates think the same, talk the same…and, hopefully will walk the same once in the White House.

This is our last chance to elect a presidential administration that will finally take on the enormous task of returning America to its heralded status as a “nation of laws.”

Part of that enormous task is to repatriate the millions of illegal aliens currently occupying US territory back to their homelands, where they can stand in line at a US embassy to apply for legal entry into the United States of America…just like the millions of “LEGAL” immigrants have done before them. For many of them, they will not be allowed to return to our country, and rightfully so.

Immigrants from around the world are invited to America at the pleasure of the United States citizenry, not at the fleeting whim of anyone who just wants to come here regardless of violating our laws.

If we are to be a civilized nation, governed by its people under the rule of law, then we must actually enforce our laws, America. The alternative is to devolve into a nation of anarchy where laws are meaningless and apply only to those persons naive or foolish enough to obey them.

For too long our political governors have let the mobs of millions of illegal aliens rule our country.

It is finally time for the “mob rule” and the political tyranny to stop.

Does Donald Trump have your support, America?  He has mine.

Jim Gilchrist,
Founder and President,
The Minuteman Project
A Multi-Ethnic Immigration Law Enforcement Advocacy Group