Sanctuary Cities: The Creation of Bungling, Amateur Politicians with Air-Tight Stupidity

Commentary by Jim GilchristDear America,

Over the past few decades our nation’s trusted leadership has been hijacked by persons of grotesque incompetence, selfishness, and air-tight stupidity.

It is painful to wake up every day now to an America that is no longer the great nation it once was, when it was managed under the leadership of exceptional political leaders.

Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz have recently made all the difference in the world with their stoic determination to bring our nation back under its heralded stature as a “nation of laws,” as opposed to its recent history of a nation of illegal alien mob rule and political tyranny.

Every sanctuary city in the United States is the creation of the wayward, amateurish bungling of wannabe political leaders who have no business representing our society in public office.

But, we too, must accept some of the blame for letting these unconscionable political ghouls pirate our communities, our rules of law, and our domestic tranquility for their own obscure personal agendas.

We cannot riot in the streets to stop them, without being arrested and prosecuted, or shot dead by law enforcement.  But, we can give our voting support to those candidates who are truly sincere about returning America to a fair and equitable society governed by the rules of law.

Let’s do it, America! I give you Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz. It will take a dynamic duo like them to fix what ails us as a floundering nation and a suffering society.

Sincerely Yours,

Jim Gilchrist,
Founder and President,
The Minuteman Project