Trump Strikes the Mother Lode of Popularity with Americans with his Blunt Candidness

Fellow Minutemen: The reason Donald Trump is scoring big with voters is because he is actually talking about issues that have been the source of a national anger for a couple decades now. Republicans try to talk the talk, but seldom walk the walk when it comes to simply enforcing US immigration laws.  Trump also speaks directly to […]

Despite GOP pressure, Donald Trump not backing off immigration rhetoric

By Steve Peoples, The Associated Press   WASHINGTON — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he’s not going away. A day after the Republican National Committee chairman asked the reality television star to tone down his rhetoric, Trump refused to back off his portrayal of Mexican immigrants as criminals. At the same time, he vowed […]

Latinos Outnumber Caucasians in California for First Time

California is now the first large state without a white plurality. According to latimes, as of July 1st, 2014, there were approximately 14.99 million Latinos in California compared to 14.92 million Caucasians. Although the tally accounted for last July’s population, it was released in early June of this year. “This is sort of the official […]

Rubio calls Clinton comments on immigration ‘silly talk’

By James Q. Lynch, The Gazette, Cedar Rapids, Iowa   July 09– CEDAR RAPIDS — Florida Sen. Marco Rubio rejected Hillary Clinton’s assessment that Republicans are hostile toward immigrants as “silly talk” while campaigning in Cedar Rapids Wednesday. “She’s the one who didn’t even want to give them driver’s licenses when she ran for president,” […]

900,000 Illegal Immigrants Ordered Deported “In Absentia” Are Still in U.S.

Even when U.S. courts actually agree to deport undocumented immigrants, the orders aren’t carried out. In the latest demonstration that the U.S. legal and police system appears unable to enforce immigration laws, documents show that about 900,000 undocumented immigrants, including 170,000 criminals, have been ordered deported “in absentia,” meaning a judge kicked them out without […]

Increase in Numbers of Illegal Children Follows White House Prediction

Last year, the White House and four Cabinet departments predicted over 60,000 illegal children would come to the U.S. from Mexico. They now expect the number to more than double, reaching 127,000 immigrant children by the end of 2015. This contradicts the White House’s earlier statement that the increase in immigrant children from 2014 to […]

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