Ted Cruz: DHS funding plan is flawed


The Hill — Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) pointed the finger at the Republican leadership for a delay in dealing with Homeland Security funding until the end of February and Senate Democrats for blocking a deal that would fund the agency while also defunding the president’s executive actions on immigration. “It’s now up to leadership to lay […]

L.A. city, county officials cracking down on immigration scams


Los Angeles Times — Los Angeles prosecutors have filed criminal charges against a San Fernando Valley man accused of practicing immigration law without a license, part of a new effort to target immigration-related fraud as the federal government prepares to expand a program that offers work permits to millions of people in the country illegally. […]

Boehner: On immigration, Dems protect Obama instead of standing with the people

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Speaker.gov — At his weekly press briefing earlier, Speaker Boehner addressed Senate Democrats’ filibuster of the House’s plan to fund the Department of Homeland Security and stop the president’s unilateral actions on immigration.  Here’s what he said: “The American people want to fund the Homeland Security agency, but they also want to stop the president’s […]

DHS shutdown grows more likely


The Hill — The chances of a shutdown at the Department of Homeland Security are growing by the day, with congressional leaders at a stalemate over legislation that would provide funding after Feb. 27. DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson has warned that a lapse in funding would cause a “terrible disruption,” while White House officials have accused […]

Illegals to receive earned income tax credit


The Weekly Standard — President Barack Obama has promoted his recent executive action on immigration by arguing that he’s only deferring action – holding off on enforcement of the current immigration laws until an immigration reform he approves of passes Congress. But that’s not really true; in fact there’s a way for illegal immigrants immediately to […]

New Mexico illegal immigrant driver’s license law could be repealed by Hispanic governor


International Business Times — Republican lawmakers in New Mexico are pushing to repeal a state law allowing immigrants without legal status to obtain driver’s licenses. GOP proponents said the law threatens the state’s security by allowing undocumented people to seek official identification cards, according to the Associated Press. The proposal to repeal the illegal immigrant driver’s […]