Limbaugh: 2016 President Primary Decided Over Immigration

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh told his listeners recently the issue which will decide who carries the Republican banner in the 2016 Presidential election will be in touch with the grassroots on the immigration issue. “What explains Trump continuing to rise when it appears the excitement has waned or peaked or what have you?  […]

Americans Lose Jobs to Immigrants Again

According to the latest job growth figures, foreign-born workers once again outpaced native-born workers in October. In October: Total employment rose 320,000, up by 0.2% Native-born American employment rose by 198,000, up by 0.2% Foreign-born employment rose by 122,000 – up by 0.5% Immigrant employment grew 0.5% in October—two and one-half times the 0.2% growth […]

Bernie Says He’ll Ignore Congress on Amnesty

Renegade Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is trying to outpander Hillary Clinton when it comes to illegal aliens. Hillary has already said she would go farther in ignoring illegal aliens crimes than Barack Obama and now Bernie Sanders has seen her illegal alien bet and raised it. Sanders, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for […]

A Badge of Honor: Attacked by the $PLC

The fundraising machine disguised as a so-called charity called the Southern Poverty Law Center saw fit to attack the Minuteman Project’s absolutely correct fact that a recent comic called for violence against thinly-disguised versions of our law-abiding members. The SPLC rakes in millions for its fat cat owners by launching vicious hit pieces and throwing […]

Sessions & Brat to GOP Candidates: Cut Immigration or Quit the Race

Sen. Jeff Sessions and Rep. David Brat called on every GOP Presidential candidate to address the immigration crisis immediately or get out of the Presidential race in a recent op-ed. Immigration reform should mean improvements to immigration policy to benefit Americans. But in Washington, immigration reform has devolved into a euphemism for legislation that opens […]

Trump: My Tough Immigration Policy Would Keep 9/11 Plotters Out

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump turned up the rhetorical heat on Jeb Bush by saying his tough immigration policies would have kept the 9/11 plotters out of the country. “I am extremely, extremely tough on illegal immigration. I’m extremely tough on people coming into this country. I believe that if I were running things, I […]

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