Dear Patriots,

Ted CruzDonald Trump, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, are critical to bringing the illegal alien invasion into the spot light of political campaigning.

Without them, especially, Mr. Trump, there would be absolutely no discussion of the matter by either major party.  These two candidates are determined to bring America back under the rule of law insofar as U. S. immigration laws are concerned.  They also appear determined to set America on a course certain to economic, employment, and social recovery that haDonald Trumps deteriorated over the past several decades.

Look forward to hostiles from both the Democratic and Republican parties to launch repeated vicious attacks against these two candidates, in a concerted effort to marginalize and discredit them.

I am a registered Republican, but I must say I have become very disheartened by the immature and counter-productivity created by members of my own party who have thrown bomb after bomb at Mr. Trump and Sen. Cruz because they are trying to put the issue of chaotic illegal immigration into the public spotlight where it belongs.

My fear is that either Hillary Clinton, or a RINO Republican might be elected to the White House. In that case, there is really no point in expecting U.S. immigration laws to ever be enforced, and we can resign ourselves to the fact that we are going to be morphed “illegally” into a Latin American nation in quick order.

There will be no taking up arms against a wayward U.S. government, because Americans have grown accustomed to letting reprehensible political governors, and literal tyrants in office, do whatever “they” want to do without any conference with the electorate whatsoever.

Currently, about 20% of the population of Mexico resides illegally in the United States. Eventually, most of the Mexican and Central American populations will transfer themselves into our country and seize our infrastructure, our culture, our language, our rules of law, our way of life, and everything else that goes to a conquering army.

There will be no treaty. There will be no public referendum. There will be no consideration for U.S. citizens. There will only be a covert, Trojan horse invasion of the United States that will certainly change every thing reminiscent to our history, our heritage, and our domestic tranquility.

That is how nations have been conquered, without adversaries firing a shot, for thousands of years.

If we intend to be a sovereign nation, and be unencumbered by threats to our way of life, then we must actually enforce our laws…not just pretend to enforce them while the nation burns.

Jim Gilchrist,

Founder and President, The Minuteman Project