Marco Rubio Sees the Light on Illegal Immigration


Sen. Marco Rubio, a leading champion of the “Gang of Eight” illegal immigrant amnesty bill a few years ago now has seen the light. Rubio, speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) said his past support for amnesty was misguided and The bill’s critics were proven right, Mr. Rubio said, by what he described […]

2015 border surge likely, data shows


The Daily Caller — The flow of Central American migrant families across the Texas border is continuing at almost the same level as a year ago, according to newly released federal data. In the last three months of 2014, 7,468 Central American migrants crossed in family units, down only 12 percent from the 8,511 migrants who […]

House GOP leaders cancel vote on border security bill amid complaints


FOX News — House Republican leaders on Monday sidelined a controversial border security bill amid widespread disagreement among GOP lawmakers, making it the latest piece of legislation caught in an internal battle in the caucus. Chamber leaders blamed the decision to cancel the vote, which had been set for Wednesday, on the massive snowstorm hitting the […]

Border patrol aircraft possibly unsafe, despite rising maintenance costs


The Washington Examiner — Poor management of its aircraft fleet’s maintenance added $118 million in unnecessary spending by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and may have endangered some of its pilots. “Since 2009, the number of CBP aircraft maintained, annual flight hours and the average age of CBP’s aircraft fleet decreased,” the Department of Homeland […]

Border patrol agents say GOP’s border security bill is weak ‘window dressing’


Two major border enforcement unions attacked the GOP Border Security bill currently winding its way through Congress. House leaders hoped to move H.R. 399, the Secure Our Borders First Act to the House floor by Wednesday but opposition from the National Border Patrol Council has disrupted the timetable: “This legislation speaks about metrics but frankly […]

Jackson Lee: Obama already fixed the border


If you’ve ever wondered why Congress has such a bad reputation, just listen to Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee’s laughably misinformed comments about America’s Southern Border: “The president has spent $108 billion on border security, and we have been successful,” Jackson Lee said in a Homeland Security committee markup Wednesday. “Oh we’ve had our moments, but we […]