Spencer: Your Last Chance

Spencer: Your Last ChanceGlenn Spencer, MMP Exclusive – It has been more than twenty years since I coined the phrase “Importing Poverty” to describe the influx of illegal aliens into Los Angeles. In today’s WND, Pat Buchanan describes how poor Hispanics really are and how this weds them to the Democrat Party. Obama knew this almost better than anyone and showered them with free money.

After fighting for ten years to save it, I left California and moved to the border. California was lost, but I thought there was a chance we could still save the U.S. if we sealed the border.

After ten years of that battle I found that the same people who helped destroy California were fighting to keep the border open. All along the mainstream media have kept the people from understanding what was happening to them.

We have one last chance. The American people want the border secured and the means to do it are at hand. The people, and especially the activists, must get behind the effort to secure the border now — before any discussion of comprehensive immigration reform.

For the last twenty years I have been right about every major illegal immigration issue. Things have happened just as I predicted. Now I predict that if you activists — especially those with big foundation money — support this effort you will win. If you don’t, you — and America — will lose.

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