Crackdown on Illegal Immigration Announced . . . In England


Newly-reelected English Prime Minister David Cameron announced a series of measures to combat a surge of illegal immigration currently plaguing the island nation. Mr. Cameron is not following U.S. President Barack Obama’s plan of offering amnesty and work permits along with generous benefits to millions of illegal aliens. Instead, The Prime Minister will vow to […]

USCIS Head Says Illegals Don’t Get Justice


United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) chief Leon Rodriguez complained about the laws he’s supposed to enforce saying illegals don’t get “justice” in America. “You will never once see the word ‘justice’ [in the country’s immigration laws and regulations],” Leon Rodriguez reportedly said at a convention of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, according to […]

HIllary’s Fibs on Illegals Called Out by . . . Washington Post????


Presumptive Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spent most of last week talking out of both sides of her mouth on illegal immigration. But her latest illegal immigration whopper was too much even for her cheerleaders over at the Washington Post. Hillary claimed illegal immigrants paid more in taxes than big corporations. “In New York, which […]

You Know You’ve Gone Too Far on Amnesty When Lindsey Graham Attacks You

lindsey graham point

Noted amnesty enthusiast Sen. Lindsey Graham chided Hillary Clinton for here recent about face on illegal immigration. “She’s shown no leadership on this issue. She’s been a follower. I think it’s just political pandering,” Graham said. “No American should want the executive branch to do something this monumental by themselves.” Recently, Hillary endorsed President Obama’s […]

Illegals Claim Asylum & Open Treasure Trove of Taxpayer-Provided Benefits


If you utter the magic word at the U.S. border, you unlock a treasure trove of taxpayer-provided benefits and get a engraved invitation to stay as long as you like. That word is asylum and a recently uncovered DHS report shows 70% of asylum claims made by illegal immigrants are either totally or partly fraudulent. […]

U.S. judge in Texas sentences two Mexican cartel members to life in prison


Yahoo News — AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) – A federal judge in Texas on Thursday sentenced two members of the Los Zetas Mexican criminal cartel to life in prison for smuggling thousands of kilograms of marijuana and hundreds of assault rifles across the border, prosecutors said. Emilio Villalobos-Alcala, 29, and Jose Eluid Lugo-Lopez, 27, were convicted […]