Many Businesses Ignore E-Verify Laws


One key tactic used to control the massive flow of illegal immigrants to the United States is to make it difficult for businesses to hire workers who are not in the country legally. The cornerstone of this program is the federal system called E-verify. E-verify allows responsible business owners to quickly check the immigration bone […]

Word of Minuteman Protest at Mexican Consulate Spreading


The Examiner takes a close look at the very successful Minuteman Project protest recently held in San Bernardino, CA. Noting that most major media outlets chose to ignore the innovative and instructive protest: The group of demonstrators, many of whom were affiliated with groups such as the Minuteman Project, targeted San Bernardino’s Mexican consulate which […]

“I Believe in the Rule of Law” — Hispanic Activist Pushes For Enforcement


Pedro Rivera is upsetting the mainstream media narrative of monolithic support among Hispanics for callous disregard for American immigration law. “I’m an American citizen and I believe in the rule of law,” Rivera said. “And being Hispanic, I should not be granted special privilege in avoiding the law. We need officers to have all the […]

Deportations Crater in 2015


Deportations in the first five months of the 2015 fiscal year have cratered nearly 50% from where it was only three years ago according to data from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The ICE data, obtained by the Sun Sentinel, shows a steep decline in overall deportations from the past three years compared to the […]

2nd Wave Of Illegal Alien Kids Crashing on the Border Now


U.S. Border Patrol reports nabbing 12,509 “unaccompanied youths” at the border since October making it the crest of a second wave of illegal alien kids that began last summer. The Obama Administration is also only deporting about 1 in 6 of this next wave of illegals. ICE documents provided to the Washington Examiner shows that […]

Feds Blocking Illegal Alien Voting Probe


Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted found 44 cases of illegal aliens voting in Ohio and could find more but federal officials refuse to hand over crucial data. Husted’s investigation used Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicle data to cross check voter rolls.  However, for a match, the BMV record must be self-identified as a non-citizen. […]