DACA and the Next Amnesty Are Missing Big Public Health Opportunities

Doctor 3

CIS — Suppose your community is taking on millions of new members — wouldn’t it be a good idea for their sake, as well as for those of the existing community — if their health were checked on their way through the door? That’s what Ellis Island, in a rough and ready way, was all […]

Much of Obama’s Lawless Immigration Scheme Still Unknown


CIS — Many more plans, guidelines, and policies not yet issued. President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security issued 10 memos outlining the administration’s planned lawless amnesty, but they are limited in detail and leave much of the policymaking to executive branch agencies.1 As such, much remains unknown about exactly how this scheme will operate. For […]

Obama Immigration Official to Illegals: Apply for Amnesty Without Fear


Breitbart — As the Obama administration gears up to implement its controversial amnesty plan for illegal immigrants, one administration official is assuring those who have broken U.S. immigration laws they should apply for their new status without fear of the government. Already, community groups in some of the nation’s largest cities are holding seminars to […]

Federal Judge Says Obama Violated the Constitution With Immigration Action


The Blaze — A federal judge ruled on Tuesday that President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration runs afoul of the Constitution. Judge Arthur Schwab, who handles cases in the Western District of Pennsylvania, made the ruling in a case involving an immigrant from Honduras, according to Reuters. Reuters reported that the decision will have […]

GOP Senate Faces Choice On Filibuster: Teach Democrats A Lesson Or Wuss Out


Breitbart — On Thursday, even as House Republican leadership caved to President Obama’s executive amnesty, passing a $1.1 trillion omnibus bill funding that amnesty through the end of February, Senate Republicans prepared to do the same. The Senate Republican cave comes on the so-called “nuclear option”—the stripping of the power of the filibuster from the […]

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wins First Court Battle in Lawsuit Over Obama’s Executive Amnesty


Gateway Pundit — Sheriff Joe wins first court battle over executive amnesty. A judge sided with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the first legal clash in what is expected to be a major court fight over the legality of President Obama’s executive amnesty plan. Obama’s plan will effectively grant amnesty to 5 million illegal […]