Hours From Passage Amnesty Scuttled After Cantor’s Stunning Defeat

A new PBS documentary looks at the 2014 Congressional vote on amnesty for illegal aliens and shows exactly how close the GOP Congress came to caving in to the illegal alien lobby and handing Barack Obama a huge political victory. After the Senate passed the comprehensive immigration reform bill, the activity shifted to the House […]

Guest Writer Stephen Moore: What the Tea Party Has Achieved

Remember the much maligned Tea Party movement? These were the patriotic Americans—millions of them—who took to the streets and the town halls across America and revolted against President Bush’s corporate bailouts, President Obama’s stimulus spending blowout and Obamacare, and the Federal Reserve’s policy of tossing trillions of dollars out of helicopter windows (figuratively). Good news: […]

Is Boehner Planning an “October Surprise” on Amnesty?

Has the so-called “Paper of Record” (owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim) given us a hint of outgoing Speaker John Boehner’s last great sell out to the Obama legions? In a recent editorial, the Slim-led paper speculated Mr. Boehner is free of them now. And so now is his chance. In the days he has […]

Despite GOP pressure, Donald Trump not backing off immigration rhetoric

By Steve Peoples, The Associated Press   WASHINGTON — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he’s not going away. A day after the Republican National Committee chairman asked the reality television star to tone down his rhetoric, Trump refused to back off his portrayal of Mexican immigrants as criminals. At the same time, he vowed […]

Malkin Blasts GOP Over Immigration in Obamatrade Deal

Syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin takes apart the arguments of GOP leaders on Capitol Hill who are pushing hard to hand President Barack Obama Fast Track trade negotiation power. Under Fast Track, the President could negotiate massive trade deals in complete secrecy and simply hand the result to Congress and demand an immediate up or down […]

GOP Surrenders Over Amnesty Funding

The inside-the-Beltway publication Politico reported today: Hill Republicans have all but surrendered the fight against President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration. Despite holding majorities in both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate and despite electoral results which indicate those majorities were won in part to block President Obama’s illegal alien amnesty, GOP leaders are […]