Jeb Bush’s Laughable History on Amnesty

The Republican presidential campaign has degenerated over the past few weeks into a finger-pointing contest over who has said what when about amnesty for illegals. Second-tier candidate Jeb Bush joined the party by claiming he’s the only candidate with a consistent view on illegal immigration. Except no one is really sure which position he’s been […]

Santorum: “Mr. Conservative” Cruz Wants 500% Hike in Foreign Workers

Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum took aim at fellow candidates Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio but especially Ted Cruz over their support for massive increases in visas for foreign high-tech workers under the H1-B program. “It’s not just the Democrats. It’s Democrats and Republicans,” Santorum said of immigration supporters, according to the Quad-City Times. “It’s Marco […]

Trump: My Tough Immigration Policy Would Keep 9/11 Plotters Out

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump turned up the rhetorical heat on Jeb Bush by saying his tough immigration policies would have kept the 9/11 plotters out of the country. “I am extremely, extremely tough on illegal immigration. I’m extremely tough on people coming into this country. I believe that if I were running things, I […]

Despite GOP pressure, Donald Trump not backing off immigration rhetoric

By Steve Peoples, The Associated Press   WASHINGTON — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he’s not going away. A day after the Republican National Committee chairman asked the reality television star to tone down his rhetoric, Trump refused to back off his portrayal of Mexican immigrants as criminals. At the same time, he vowed […]

Candidate Interest in Latino Vote Increases

It’s well-known that the Latino vote generally leans left. But GOP primary candidates Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush are trying to change that. Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, the two Republican presidential candidates seen as having the greatest chance to make inroads with the Latino vote that traditionally leans Democratic, recently stopped in Nevada, Bush […]

Jeb Bush: I’m Fine With Obama’s Amnesty Executive Action

Legacy Presidential candidate Jeb Bush told FOX News he would not reverse President Obama’s executive action on amnesty if he were to find himself in the Oval Office. Instead, Bush argued Congress should pass amnesty to make it legal and official. Bush also believes: GOP voters “can be persuaded” to his way of thinking on the […]