Obama Hurrying to Add Millions of Immigrants to Voter Rolls Before 2016

President Barack Obama is leading a massive effort to sign up millions of immigrants as registered voters before the 2016 elections. Syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin describes just a few of the efforts the Obama Administration are undertaking to ensure they continue to wield political power long after Obama’s term in office ends. The Obama administration […]

Malkin Blasts GOP Over Immigration in Obamatrade Deal

Syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin takes apart the arguments of GOP leaders on Capitol Hill who are pushing hard to hand President Barack Obama Fast Track trade negotiation power. Under Fast Track, the President could negotiate massive trade deals in complete secrecy and simply hand the result to Congress and demand an immediate up or down […]

The Big, Fat “American Worker Recruitment First” Lie of H-1B

Michelle Malkin takes off after the purveyors of H1-b visa abuse. Aside from the testimony of academics and whistleblowers, she highlights another example of President Obama’s questionable use of executive power to game the immigration system. Miano’s testimony was particularly important because he explained how the little known “OPT” (Optional Training Program) for foreign students is […]