Is Boehner Planning an “October Surprise” on Amnesty?

Has the so-called “Paper of Record” (owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim) given us a hint of outgoing Speaker John Boehner’s last great sell out to the Obama legions?

In a recent editorial, the Slim-led paper speculated

Mr. Boehner is free of them now. And so now is his chance. In the days he has left, he can revive immigration reform. He can pass the large-scale, comprehensive overhaul that lawmakers had worked on for years, a bill that passed the Senate in 2013 with strong bipartisan support and could have been sent to President Obama’s desk but for the obduracy of the nativist right in the House and Mr. Boehner’s unwillingness to call a vote.

What would have happened if reform had passed? It was the best chance in a generation to modernize a collapsed immigration system, to put the country’s future on a sounder footing, to finally resolve the status of 11 million people whose potential as taxpaying citizens is bottled up by fear and hopelessness. It would have been a boon for the economy, and for Mr. Boehner’s party. It would have averted Mr. Obama’s controversial executive actions on immigration, which he took as a last resort in the face of congressional abdication.

Of course, the newspaper run by a shady Mexican billionaire calls patriots who oppose the massive surge of lawbreakers clambering over our border “nativist” and “toddlers” who are just throwing a temper tantrum as they stand in the way of history.

Also note how the Times excuses President Obama’s clearly unconstitutional executive order on amnesty as a “last resort” in the face of intolerance.obama-boehner-shake-AP

It’s easy to dismiss the arguments put forward by Carlos Slim’s paper of record.  But immigration patriots should be aware the establishment very much wants amnesty and now that John Boehner, a card-carrying member of that establishment, no longer has to worry about actual voters, there is a chance he uses his final days to ram through amnesty.