Illegals Sue to Overturn Voter-Approved Driver’s License Ban in Oregon

Illegal aliens in Oregon are suing to overturn a voter-approved initiative denying them driver’s licenses.   The lawsuit, brought by five illegal immigrants, comes after Oregonians passed Measure 88 last year with a strong two-thirds majority. Thirty-five of Oregon’s 36 counties voted against licenses for undocumented residents, as did every congressional district in the state, […]

Hillary’s Wild Lurch Toward Illegal Aliens

Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin deconstructs Hillary Clinton’s latest lurch toward radical pro-illegal alien policies as her campaign stumbles forward. This week, Clinton donned her militant, pro-illegal immigration mask and vowed to out-executive amnesty her old pals at the White House. “I will go as far as I can, even beyond President Obama,” she bragged, “to […]

Illegals Can Vote in CA but Can Still Be Deported for Drug Crimes

It’s a mixed bag for California Governor Jerry Brown as he signed legislation making it easier for illegal aliens to vote but he also vetoed a bill which would have prevented illegal aliens detained for drug crimes from being deported. Brown signed Assembly Bill 1461 which allows  Any person who renewed or secured a driver’s […]

Jeb Bush: I’m Fine With Obama’s Amnesty Executive Action

Legacy Presidential candidate Jeb Bush told FOX News he would not reverse President Obama’s executive action on amnesty if he were to find himself in the Oval Office. Instead, Bush argued Congress should pass amnesty to make it legal and official. Bush also believes: GOP voters “can be persuaded” to his way of thinking on the […]

Koch Brothers Pony Up for Drivers Licenses for Illegals

The Koch brothers occupy a special place in the nightmares of left wing politicians and media members.  They are the embodiment of he mythical “Robber Barons” of the Right using their vast wealth to upend leftist schemes time and time again. But now, they are afraid of the Koch’s for another reason. They are afraid […]

Deported 20 Times: Illegal Leads Cops in High Speed Chase

  Pinal County residents were in danger as 20 time deportee Genaro Cisneros-Delgado led cops on a dangerous high speed chase through the streets. Delgado and three compatriots crashed their vehicle through the gates of a retirement community and blazed through the streets before hitting a dead end. The quartet then fled on foot but were […]