Jeb Bush: I’m Fine With Obama’s Amnesty Executive Action

Legacy Presidential candidate Jeb Bush told FOX News he would not reverse President Obama’s executive action on amnesty if he were to find himself in the Oval Office.

Instead, Bush argued Congress should pass amnesty to make it legal and official.

Bush also believes:

GOP voters “can be persuaded” to his way of thinking on the issue.

The action is currently being held up by a Texas federal judge as he considers a multistate lawsuit against Obama. Bush said he thinks the states will prevail in the lawsuit.

Asked about the political minefield of using an executive action to reverse the policy, Bush replied, “Pass meaningful reform of immigration and make it part of it.”

He also defended his belief that illegal immigrants should be given driver’s licenses and their children given in-state tuition.

“If you’ve been here for an extended period of time, you have no nexus to the country of your parents,” he said, adding, “What are we supposed to do? Marginalize these people forever?”

After spending most of his time apologizing for illegal aliens, Bush decided to get “tough”:

“I think illegal immigration ought to be punished by coming out from the shadows, earning legal status over an extended period of time where you pay a fine, where you work, where you don’t receive government assistance, where you learn English … where you’re deported if you commit a crime, as is the law.”

Sure Jeb, you’ll make illegal aliens pay a fine and you won’t allow them taxpayer-sponsored benefits.  One withering editorial from your pals at the New York Times about the hardships of illegal immigrants who can’t get food stamps and you’d collapse like a house of cards.