Wall Street Journal Asks: “Did Trump Just Win?”

James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal looks at Donald Trump’s latest proposal for a temporary pause in Islamic immigration and takes the exact opposite view from virtually every other politician and pundit in America. For our part, we’ve forecast the end of Trump’s campaign maybe four or five times. But not this time. Trump’s […]

Senate Dems Demand Vote to Destroy ALL Immigrant Vetting

Senate Democrats are angling to staple legislation to a nuclear safety bill that would have the effect of extending Constitutional rights to radical Islamic clerics all over the world and mean the essential end of American borders. The bill, a copy of which was obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, would express Congress’ sense that […]

Illegals Sue to Overturn Voter-Approved Driver’s License Ban in Oregon

Illegal aliens in Oregon are suing to overturn a voter-approved initiative denying them driver’s licenses.   The lawsuit, brought by five illegal immigrants, comes after Oregonians passed Measure 88 last year with a strong two-thirds majority. Thirty-five of Oregon’s 36 counties voted against licenses for undocumented residents, as did every congressional district in the state, […]

Naples Daily News, Fla., Brent Batten column

By Brent Batten, Naples Daily News, Fla. And subject to the jurisdiction thereof. Six words you probably haven’t thought about since high school civics class, if then. But they’re roaring into the national consciousness as the debate about illegal immigration intensifies in and out of the Republican presidential campaign. A new study on immigration demonstrates […]

Cartoon – Steamed

Oh no.  The 5th Circuit Court pours cold water on Obama’s attempts to BBQ the Constitution.  See this Branco Toon here and pass it on to all patriots!

The Invasion IS Happening, America

Ladies and Gentlemen of America, Ann Coulter is one of my greatest heroes fighting in the social media for returning the United States of America back to governance under our rules of law. By now it is no secret the USA is the literal target of invasion by foreign nationals who blatantly defy our nation’s […]