Koch Brothers Pony Up for Drivers Licenses for Illegals

The Koch brothers occupy a special place in the nightmares of left wing politicians and media members.  They are the embodiment of he mythical “Robber Barons” of the Right using their vast wealth to upend leftist schemes time and time again.

But now, they are afraid of the Koch’s for another reason.

They are afraid the Koch’s may outbid them for the political affiliation of illegal aliens.

On a recent morning, inside the Eastern Indoor Swapmeet Las Vegas, a group funded by the billionaire Koch brothers helped 250 Latinos — some of them undocumented immigrants — pass the Nevada driver’s test.

The LIBRE Initiative, an expanding grass-roots organization now operating in nine states, organized the four-hour test prep session to teach the rules of the road in Spanish — no tome y maneje (no drinking and driving), el límite de velocidad es sesenta y cinco millas por hora (the speed limit is 65 miles per hour).

LIBRE weaves themes like self-reliance and opposition to government mandates into its presentations.  However, LIBRE honcho Daniel Garza says

LIBRE advocates are getting millions of undocumented workers “out of the shadows” and into the legal system.

Like their initiative in Nevada.

In Nevada, where more than 1 in 4 people are Hispanic, undocumented residents can get a “driver’s authorization card” if they pass the regular driver’s test, a measure designed to make the roads safer because drivers know the laws and get insurance.

But many have been flunking the test, and Romero said that nobody was helping them until LIBRE stepped up.

Salvador Garnica, 44, an electrician who is a permanent resident originally from Mexico, has flunked the test four times. He said that after listening to an instructor explain in Spanish for four hours everything from the right of way at roundabouts to lane ­changes, he finally felt ready to pass.

LIBRE claims many donors but a $10 million donation from Freedom Partners, a Koch-backed non-profit stands out on reporting forms.

The Koch brothers wield immense power within the GOP and their support can make or break some candidates.  If the Koch’s are so open about the Obama-like “out of the shadows” when it comes to illegal immigration, it has to be wondered if they won’t muzzle potential candidates for President or Congress as a condition for their support.