Illegals Can Vote in CA but Can Still Be Deported for Drug Crimes

It’s a mixed bag for California Governor Jerry Brown as he signed legislation making it easier for illegal aliens to vote but he also vetoed a bill which would have prevented illegal aliens detained for drug crimes from being deported. Brown signed Assembly Bill 1461 which allows  Any person who renewed or secured a driver’s […]

CA Senate Set to Hand Free Health Care to Illegals

The California State Senate is expected to pass Senate Bill 4 in the next few days which would allow illegal immigrants to receive free health insurance through the Medi-Cal. The bill would allow immigrants who often have no way of receiving healthcare — outside of free clinics and emergency rooms — to acquire coverage through […]

CA Sheriff Stands Up to Illegal Immigrant Bullying

Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood is an old-fashioned law enforcement officer.  He sees it as his duty to enforce and uphold the law. But thanks to crazy California lawmakers, he’s forced to make choice: enforce the law or ignore it. So far, Youngblood is choosing to enforce it and that’s made the Open Border lobby […]