Study Indicates DREAMers Will Hold Key to Future Elections

The 5.5 million children of illegal aliens who stand to benefit from President Obama’s DREAM amnesty will have a huge impact on future elections according to a new study by the left-leaning Center for American Progress. “These numbers could provide sizable contributions to the margin of victory in swing states. In Florida during the 2012 […]

Illegals Push Political Agenda

They can’t vote legally but a coalition of illegal aliens is making demands of the American political system in the run up to the next Presidential election. An outfit called the Dream Action Coalition released their list of demands recently. Any presidential candidate who wants to win Hispanic votes next year will need to pledge […]

Illegal Immigrants Feel Obama Letting them Down

How ungrateful can illegal immigrants be? Not only can they break American immigration law with impunity under Barack Obama but he stands poised to reward their illegal behavior with taxpayer funded goodies like child tax credits and Social Security. Yet now they feel Obama has promised more than he has delivered. “It goes to who […]

It’s not just Latinos – Obama has special plans for Asians, too

The White House has issued another Fact Sheet in relation to illegal immigrants. This one covers Asians. Here’s a quote giving special treatment to Asian Americans : The Senate bill would exempt STEM PhD and Master’s graduates from the annual cap of 140,000 visas. This provision would effectively “staple” a green card to the diplomas […]