Illegal Immigrants Feel Obama Letting them Down

How ungrateful can illegal immigrants be?

Not only can they break American immigration law with impunity under Barack Obama but he stands poised to reward their illegal behavior with taxpayer funded goodies like child tax credits and Social Security.

Yet now they feel Obama has promised more than he has delivered.

“It goes to who really are our champions. That’s disillusioning a lot of the electorate,” said Cesar Vargas, co-director of the Dream Action Coalition. “Democrats would like to make people believe that Republicans have a Latino problem. Well, Democrats are definitely facing a Latino problem that many of them aren’t even aware of.”

While illegals continue to pour over the undefended border and Obama hands out work permits left and right, it isn’t enough for the illegal immigration lobby.

In the span of a few weeks, however, Mr. Obama’s immigration policy was halted by a federal judge, his agents deported Pastor Max Villatoro — the Mennonite cleric who was sent to his native Honduras on March 20 — and Mr. Cuomo failed to secure passage of the Dream Act in New York.

“I would definitely agree that there’s some deep disillusionment and disappointment,” said Manuel Castro, immigration campaign coordinator for the New York Immigration Coalition.

How much further do they expect American politicians to bend for their constituency?  In Obama’s case, it appears they aren’t satisfied yet.