Illegals Push Political Agenda

They can’t vote legally but a coalition of illegal aliens is making demands of the American political system in the run up to the next Presidential election.

An outfit called the Dream Action Coalition released their list of demands recently.

Any presidential candidate who wants to win Hispanic votes next year will need to pledge to take unilateral action to halt deportations, to break the links that allow local police to help enforce immigration laws and to stop prosecuting rank-and-file illegal immigrants at the border, a group of Dreamers said in a new policy paper Tuesday.

Essentially, these non-citizens are asking the United States to abandon its borders and sovereignty  to anyone who happens to wander into the country.

the coalition issued a policy paper laying out changes in both interior and border enforcement. The Dreamers said agent brutality is a growing problem, comparing it to recent high-profile police shootings. And the activists said the government’s policies are too geared toward arresting, detaining and prosecuting rank-and-file illegal immigrants.

Apparently, the Coalition is miffed the United States is trying to enforce its democratically-created laws against the massive law breaking by illegals every single day.