Study Indicates DREAMers Will Hold Key to Future Elections

The 5.5 million children of illegal aliens who stand to benefit from President Obama’s DREAM amnesty will have a huge impact on future elections according to a new study by the left-leaning Center for American Progress.

“These numbers could provide sizable contributions to the margin of victory in swing states. In Florida during the 2012 presidential election, for example, these new voters would have comprised 70 percent of the margin of victory; in North Carolina, they would have represented one-third of the margin of victory,” the CAP analysis, authored by CAP’s associate director of immigration policy Lizet Ocampo, reads.

The electoral impact of amnesty will only increase as more and more illegals reach voting age.

“Over the course of the next five presidential elections, today’s citizen children of undocumented parents will have been able to cast nearly 11 million ballots. The intimate understanding of the immigrant experience is felt broadly in the Latino and immigrant communities: 16.6 million people have a family member who is undocumented, and nearly 60 percent of Latino registered voters of all ages said they knew family, friends, co-workers, or others who were undocumented,” the analysis argues — adding that Latino and Hispanic voters overwhelmingly support executive amnesty.

French sociologist August Comte wrote in the 1800s that “Demographics is Destiny.”  The massive illegal immigration tilt may not play out in the immediate term but it’s long run effect is clear.