Minutemen prevail – Disney backing down on immigrant labor

It looks like our lobbying is working! Public opinion is forcing Disney to back down on its plans to replace Americans with immigrant labor from Asia. BACK STORY: H-1B visas are the ones that outsourcing firms use to bring immigrants, mainly from India, for technology work. The visas are meant for foreigners with specialized skills […]

You MUST read Ann Coulter’s latest book – it’ll shock you rigid!

My dear friend, Ann Coulter is back, more fearless than ever. In Adios, America she touches the third rail in American politics, attacking the immigration issue head-on and flying in the face of La Raza, the Democrats, a media determined to cover up immigrants’ crimes, churches that get paid by the government for their “charity,” and greedy […]


If the United States ever needed an excuse to deploy U.S. Army Rangers into the northern territories of Mexico, it just got it. On the evening of June 5, as a helicopter from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) was participating in a drug cartel interception and seizure on the U.S. side of the […]

Jim’s comments on news that illegal aliens will be given the vote

My Fellow Americans Once again, I am not surprised at the covert attempts by mostly the Democrat Party to dilute our nation’s voting base into an overwhelming Democrat base. To an opportunistic politician all that matters is that he or she continue to hold office, regardless of whether it is by legal or illegal means. […]

Jim’s Comment On Facebook vs Coulter Debate

Ann Coulter is no one to debate with…unless you are into pain and suffering…and losing your argument. The leadership of Facebook is very audible about their support for unlimited and uncontrolled illegal immigration. These mindless nabobs are mega-billionaires (and goose-steppers for the Democrat Party, by the way). Their goal is to make money, and more […]

Read Ann Coulter’s Latest Book: Adios America

Dear America, I urge everyone to read Ann Coulter’s latest book. It is right on point insofar as why some of our derelict political governors have let the reckless disregard for our immigration laws become the conduct du jour. The cultural morphing of America has been conducted without any conference with the citizenry of America. […]