Jim’s comments on news that illegal aliens will be given the vote

Commentary by Jim GilchristMy Fellow Americans

Once again, I am not surprised at the covert attempts by mostly the Democrat Party to dilute our nation’s voting base into an overwhelming Democrat base. To an opportunistic politician all that matters is that he or she continue to hold office, regardless of whether it is by legal or illegal means.

Our nation’s heritage, its history, or its heralded stature as “a nation of laws” is meaningless to the Democrat Party (and to their handful of enablers in the Republican Party). All that matters to these political ghouls is that “they” maintain power forever, regardless of the cost to our society.

As these charlatans of honor and integrity continue to degrade the meaning of being a good American, our society will resign itself to the fact that our once revered political leadership is essentially lawless. At that point lawlessness will become the conduct du jour.

Jim Gilchrist, The Minuteman Project