Jim’s Comment On Facebook vs Coulter Debate

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, Minuteman ProjectAnn Coulter is no one to debate with…unless you are into pain and suffering…and losing your argument. The leadership of Facebook is very audible about their support for unlimited and uncontrolled illegal immigration. These mindless nabobs are mega-billionaires (and goose-steppers for the Democrat Party, by the way).

Their goal is to make money, and more money. They are not part of America to defend its heritage, its culture, its language, its security, or its borders. They are Americans only to make money, and what better way to do that than by inviting the entire world’s population to migrate to the USA.

I may sound like an anti-capitalist Democrat, but I am a Republican…a Republican capitalist who believes in responsible and accountable capitalism, not the reprehensible kind of capitalism proffered by the mega-billionaires who comprise the incredibly top-heavy financial support for the Democrat Party.

And all these years the Democrats have lied to the public about being “the Party of the people.”
Seems to me that the Democrats have more mega-billionaires in its ranks than the Republican Party could ever dream of having.

The Republican Party is the new “Party of the people,” in my opinion.

Jim Gilchrist, The Minuteman Project