Border fence with rock

Upturned landing strips from the Vietnam War serve as a “fence” on one of the few areas along the border to have one. Note the path where illegal immigrants scramble over the rock.

If the United States ever needed an excuse to deploy U.S. Army Rangers into the northern territories of Mexico, it just got it.

On the evening of June 5, as a helicopter from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) was participating in a drug cartel interception and seizure on the U.S. side of the U.S. – Mexico border in Laredo, Texas, the helicopter was struck by apparent rifle fire coming from Mexico.  Although no crew members were killed or wounded, the CBP helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing, which means it essentially was “shot down.”
When persons in a foreign country (Mexico) open fire on a U.S. law enforcement helicopter while it is flying over U.S. territory, the United States has every right, and duty, to respond in kind with military intervention. And we do not have to ask Mexico for permission to invade those lawless Mexican territories that pose a clear and present danger to the United States.
It is time the United States responded to the serious and violent threats from our corrupt neighbor to the south by seizing at least the northern twenty miles of that country from Tijuana, Mexico to Matamoros, Mexico.
The literal invasion of the United States, in blatant defiance of U.S. laws, by Mexico and other foreign countries is bad enough.  Now, those same anti-American lawbreakers are shooting into U.S. airspace in an attempt to kill members of U.S. law enforcement.
An explicit message to Mexico, that the U.S. is done “cutting and running” could be best sent by an immediate military incursion into northern Mexico.  Such action would also provide for the undisputed eradication of the Mexican criminal drug cartels and the illegal alien cartels who have caused more financial, social, and blood carnage to America in the past three decades than any terrorist group.
The United States has a military.  It’s deployment to preserve our nation against a hostile and aggressive neighbor is long over due.


Remember the Alamo,
 Jim Gilchrist,
Founder and President, The Minuteman Project