Obama and the U.N. Deliberately Ignoring Christian Refugees

President Obama is demanding billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to bring in thousands of Syrian refugees but the odd thing is almost none of them will come from Syria’s large and far more persecuted Christian communities. 10% of Syria’s population is Christian yet so far a mere 2% of refugees are Christian.  This despite the […]

Sen. Jeff Sessions Destroys Crazy “Right to Migrate” Zealots

The Senate Judiciary Committee by a 16-4 vote yesterday gave Constitutional rights to crazed Islamic terrorists. The amendment to a nuclear security bill is allegedly supposed to block Donald Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslim immigration by “not bar individuals from entering into the United States based on their religion, as such action would be […]

Veto-Proof Majority Back Tougher Syrian Visa “Refugee” Standards

In a stunning defeat for the President, 47 Democrats voted to toughen visa requirements for any Syrian “refugee” attempting to enter the United States. Despite Obama’s veto threat, the House overwhelmingly passed the legislation which calls for mandatory FBI background checks and individual sign-offs by top U.S. officials. The White House has been lobbying viciously […]

Is DHS Busing Terrorists Into the U.S.?

Word is out among potential illegal immigrants the magic word if you are caught at the border is: asylum. A chance encounter at a gas station near Victorville, TX is powerful evidence that the Department of Homeland Security is actively assisting these so-called asylum-seekers to take root in American society. So when Anita Fuentes of […]