Senate Dems Demand Vote to Destroy ALL Immigrant Vetting

Senate Democrats are angling to staple legislation to a nuclear safety bill that would have the effect of extending Constitutional rights to radical Islamic clerics all over the world and mean the essential end of American borders. The bill, a copy of which was obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, would express Congress’ sense that […]

Thoroughly Vetted? 12 “Refugees” Turned Terrorists

The mantra of the pro-terrorist refugee crowd is that every so-called “refugee” taken in so far and every one in the future will be thoroughly vetted for pro-terrorist ties. But even before Obama opens the door to another wave of terrorist-infused refugees, Sen. Jeff Sessions has compiled a list of 12 refugees turned terrorists who […]

Veto-Proof Majority Back Tougher Syrian Visa “Refugee” Standards

In a stunning defeat for the President, 47 Democrats voted to toughen visa requirements for any Syrian “refugee” attempting to enter the United States. Despite Obama’s veto threat, the House overwhelmingly passed the legislation which calls for mandatory FBI background checks and individual sign-offs by top U.S. officials. The White House has been lobbying viciously […]

Fine Them Twice What They Make from Hiring Illegals Says Christie

Republican presidential contender Chris Christie offered a new solution to the illegal alien employment problem by suggesting raising the penalties for employing illegals to twice the profit made by using illegal alien labor. Responding to a question from Fox News contributor Sean Hannity, Christie said: “That’s how you deal with the 11 million, Sean, if you […]