Obama and the U.N. Deliberately Ignoring Christian Refugees

President Obama is demanding billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to bring in thousands of Syrian refugees but the odd thing is almost none of them will come from Syria’s large and far more persecuted Christian communities.

10% of Syria’s population is Christian yet so far a mere 2% of refugees are Christian.  This despite the fact Christians in Syria face far more persecution than any Muslim.  In fact, Pope Francis has called what is happening to Christians in Syria a “genocide”.

St. Thomas Church in Syria

St. Thomas Church in Syria

When you peel back the reasons for this obvious disparity, you find the Obama Administration is partnered with the United Nations to disadvantage Christian refugees.

minorities have difficulty getting to step one in the U.N. process. The religious terror that drove them from Syria blocks their registering. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is largely limited to collecting refugee applications and making resettlement referrals from its own camps and centers…In an e-mail to me, Knox Thames, the State Department’s new special adviser for religious minorities, wrote that “many minorities have not entered the UN system because they are urban refugees.” That is, because they live far from the remote U.N. camps and aid centers, they lack the information and access to register. And, as is widely known, many non-Muslim refugees try hard to avoid these camps…

According to British media, a terrorist defector asserted that militants enter U.N. camps to assassinate and kidnap Christians. An American Christian aid group reported that the U.N. camps are “dangerous” places where ISIS, militias, and gangs traffic in women and threaten men who refuse to swear allegiance to the caliphate. Such intimidation is also reportedly evident in migrant camps in Europe, leading the German police union to recommend separate shelters for Christian and Muslim migrant groups…

…[M]any Christian refugees will “not be included in the [U.N.] camp referrals” because they have had to leave the camps after “cruelties inflicted upon them” there.

So, Obama along with his allies at the United Nations are making it extra difficult for Christians to flee the murderous terrorists in Syria and making it easier for potential Islamic terrorists to come to the United States.  This comes as no surprise since the Obama Administration is making it difficult for Christians to obtain refugee status even if they are already in the United States.

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