Obama’s Lawyers Deceive Federal Judge

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is demanding answers from the Obama Administration about how they deceived a federal judge during the case over Obama’s executive action on amnesty. Specifically, Paxton is trying to find out why the Obama Administration lied when it said applications for three-year work permits would not be issued until mid-February when […]

97% Blame Obama for Border Crisis

When we asked our subscribers who was responsible for the current immigration lawlessness, an astounding 97% of patriots polled have laid the blame squarely at Obama’s feet. [gravityform action=”polls” id=”4″ mode=”results” style=”red” cookie=”1 month” show_results_link=”true” display_results=”true” percentages=”true” counts=”false”] Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments!

Gutiérrez promises ‘civil war’ in Democrat party if illegal amnesty delayed

Representative Luis Gutiérrez of Illinois is a key figure in the illegal amnesty debate. He’s a Democrat and yesterday he gave a dire warning about the consequences for Democrats if Obama doesn’t act before Christmas on illegal immigration. “This problem that you see, politically, is nothing in comparison to the civil war that will be created politically in […]