Gutiérrez promises ‘civil war’ in Democrat party if illegal amnesty delayed

G000535Representative Luis Gutiérrez of Illinois is a key figure in the illegal amnesty debate. He’s a Democrat and yesterday he gave a dire warning about the consequences for Democrats if Obama doesn’t act before Christmas on illegal immigration.

“This problem that you see, politically, is nothing in comparison to the civil war that will be created politically in the Democratic party should the president not be broad and generous in his use of prosecutorial discretion,” he said. “Because Latinos will not be deciding whether or not they vote, but whether or not they are in the Democratic party.”

Obama broke his pledge to use his executive powers to manipulate the immigration system at the request of senatorial candidates who predicted the move would hurt their election chances. Now, he has until December (to reunite families) or at the latest, January, when the new Congress will be installed, to roll back prosecutions and deportations of people in the country illegally.

Obam’s popularity among Hispanics has plunged in recent months, and both he and Hillary Clinton have been followed on the campaign trail by immigration reform protesters who have heckled them at political rallies across the country.

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