97% Blame Obama for Border Crisis

When we asked our subscribers who was responsible for the current immigration lawlessness, an astounding 97% of patriots polled have laid the blame squarely at Obama’s feet. [gravityform action=”polls” id=”4″ mode=”results” style=”red” cookie=”1 month” show_results_link=”true” display_results=”true” percentages=”true” counts=”false”] Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments!

New Poll Shows Opposition to Illegal Immigration Rises After Obama’s Edict

A brand new Quinnipiac University poll shows American’s have turned sharply against illegal immigration in the wake of President Obama’s so-called “executive action” to give illegal aliens amnesty. he new poll, taken after Obama’s amnesty edict, showed 48% of Americans opposed the President’s action with 45% in support. This near perfect division of opinion hides […]