Obama’s Lawyers Deceive Federal Judge

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is demanding answers from the Obama Administration about how they deceived a federal judge during the case over Obama’s executive action on amnesty.

Specifically, Paxton is trying to find out why the Obama Administration lied when it said applications for three-year work permits would not be issued until mid-February when over 100,000 of the Obama-created permits were handed out well before a federal judge put the kibosh on the practice.

“The Obama Administration appears to have already been issuing expanded work permits, in direct contradiction to what they told a federal judge previously in this litigation,” Paxton said in a Thursday statement describing his legal request, which was signed by the governors or attorneys general of 26 states.

“The circumstances behind this must be investigated, and the motion we seek would help us determine to what extent the Administration might have misrepresented the facts in this case,” he added.

Obama’s lawyers told the judge new three-year work permits would not be issued prior to February 18th.  Judge Hanen placed a temporary stay on Obama’s edict on the 16th yet nearly 100,000 of the three year permits were issued.

The slick shysters in Obama’s employ called their outright deception nothing more than a clerical error.

“Out of an abundance of caution, however, Defendants wish to bring one issue to the Court’s attention,” said the administration’s document given to the judge. “Between November 24, 2014 and the issuance of the Court’s [Feb. 16] Order, USCIS granted three-year periods of deferred action to approximately 100,000 individuals who had requested deferred action under the original 2012 DACA guidelines.”

The officials excused the deception by claiming that the announced Feb. 18 start date “may have led to confusion about when USCIS had begun providing three-year terms of deferred action to individuals already eligible for deferred action under 2012 DACA.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that an Administration, lacking any constraint when it comes to following the law, would openly deceive a federal judge and do exactly as they please.