ISIS Using Refugees to Infiltrate America

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul revealed that intelligence officials have determined the terrorist group ISIS has targeted the refugee program as a way to infiltrate sleeper agents into the United States. “ISIS members in Syria have attempted to exploit it to get into the United States,” McCaul said during a speech at the […]

Obama Orders Mean 80% of Illegals Can Laugh At Deportation

Despite several Federal court defeats, President Obama’s executive dictates on amnesty have moved forward under the radar and lead to 80% of illegal aliens able to laugh at deportation threats and found apprehensions at a multi-decade low. “There are 7 or 8 or 9 million people who are now safe under the current policy. That […]

“Sanctuary Cities” Zealot Considered for New Head of Border Patrol

Just when you thought Obama’s Open Borders policy couldn’t get any worse, news has surfaced that an illegal alien activist is being considered as the new head of the Border Patrol. Sources say Heather Fong, a former police chief in San Francisco, is under strong consideration for the job as the top border security officer. […]

Illegals Tell Feds They Expect to Stay And Collect Welfare

Thousands of illegal aliens detained at the border tell Federal authorities they make the dangerous journey and illegally cross the border because they expect to be able to stay and collect welfare benefits according to leaked transcripts of interviews with illegals. Hundreds of immigrant families caught illegally crossing the Mexican border told U.S. immigration agents […]

Demanding Answers For Illegal Alien Crimes

Sen. Charles Grassley  and Rep. Bob Goodlatte jointly sent the following letter to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson demanding he answer for the deplorable state of immigration law enforcement in America. Specifically, the two lawmakers want to know why DHS has been allowing so-called “Sanctuary Cities” to continue to flout federal immigration law. As they […]

No Surprise: Deportation Numbers Nosedive

Deportations of immigrants has plunged over the last 12 months the lowest levels since 2006. In addition, deportations of dangerous criminals have hit a new rock bottom since Obama took office. The overall total of 231,000 deportations generally does not include Mexicans who were caught at the border and quickly returned home by the U.S. […]