Spending Bill Has $4 BILLION in Welfare for Illegals

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions took to the Senate floor to highlight several provisions of the $1.1 trillion spending bill currently making its way through Congress. As part of this legislation, Obama demanded and received from the GOP Senate and House leadership as much as $4 billion in tax credits for illegal aliens which are as […]

Majority of Immigrants Take Welfare Says New Study

51% of immigrant households, legal and illegal, accessed welfare programs according to a new study. Only 30% of native American households accessed welfare. “The [Survey of Income Program Participation] shows that households headed by immigrants use welfare at significantly higher rates than natives, even higher than indicated by other Census surveys,” said Steven Camarota, a […]

Cruz: I’ll Get Trump To Build The Wall

Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz would enlist the services of current GOP frontrunner Donald Trump to build a border fence with Mexico should he prevail in the 2016 Presidential contest. “Would a President Cruz build a wall along the entire Southern border and if you were President, would you appoint Donald Trump to build that […]

Obama Demands Islamic Refugees Get Welfare

President Obama’s minions at the Department of Agriculture are strongarming states to dispense millions in food stamps for so-called “refugees.” Georgia is one of 28 states that have refused to accept Obama’s terrorist-infused wave of Syrian “refugees” and Georgia’s governor Nathan Deal has signed an executive order preventing these “refugees” from accessing Georgia’s welfare system […]

Illegals Have Taken Their Own Families Hostage . . . And We Are Paying Ransom

Take a look at commentator Michael Shannon’s analogy on the state of the illegal immigration debate in America today. Hypothetical situation: A father uses a stolen credit card to make a big FanDuel football bet. He’s taking a risk because he wants to have the best Feliz Navidad ever for his family. But to his shock […]

Carson: Cut Welfare for Illegals

Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson told an audience in Las Vegas cutting welfare benefits for illegal aliens could be done easily within a year to cut down the attraction for illegal aliens to migrate to the United States. The retired neurosurgeon said it could be done easily in a year and suggested prosecuting all first-time […]