Obama’s Corrupt and Incompetent Homeland Security Team Exposed

Questions have been raised since Islamic terrorists slaughtered 14 Americans in San Bernardino, CA of how they escaped notice from our so-called border security apparatus. It should come as no surprise that those President Obama placed in charge of national security, the most important responsibility the President has, are a laundry list of cronies, bagmen, […]

Really!? Obama’s Pick to Head Border Patrol Refused to Enforce Immigration Law

Sanctuary City Advocate Wrong to Lead Border Patrol, Senate Homeland Security Chairman Warns Selecting San Francisco’s former police chief to head the U.S. Border Patrol would encourage more illegal border crossings because she has a record of not enforcing federal immigration laws, Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., argues. Heather Fong advocated San Francisco’s “sanctuary city” policy […]

“Sanctuary Cities” Zealot Considered for New Head of Border Patrol

Just when you thought Obama’s Open Borders policy couldn’t get any worse, news has surfaced that an illegal alien activist is being considered as the new head of the Border Patrol. Sources say Heather Fong, a former police chief in San Francisco, is under strong consideration for the job as the top border security officer. […]