Hypocrite! Obama Demands Turkey Close Its Southern Border. What About Ours??

Republican presidential contender Ben Carson pointed out the breathtaking hypocrisy of our current President who recently demanded Turkey shut its southern border with Syria to help fight the Islamic State. “You know, you look at our border – it is completely porous,” Carson said. “Terrorists can come here also. I mean, I was astonished by […]

6 Time Deportee Drunkenly Slaughters Man in California Hit and Run

A California man is dead thanks to a 6 time deportee who was driving drunk in Santa Ana. Horta (who was identified in some other reports as Ramon Horta-Jaime) was arrested this week and charged with killing Marcello Bisarello. Police said Horta did not have a valid license and was under the influence when he […]

ICE Sweep Nabs Obama Dreamers

Over 2,000  illegal immigrant criminals were rounded up recently by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in a nationwide sweep of, in the words of ICE Director Sarah Saldana, the “worst of the worst.” Among the dangerous criminals detained, 15 were allowed to stay in the United States thanks to Barack Obama’s executive edict known as Deferred […]

Border enforcement helicopter fires warning shots at drug smuggling boat off SoCal coast

KTLA 5 — For the first time on the West Coast, a federal border enforcement helicopter fired warning shots from the air at a boat en route to Catalina Island, bringing an apparent drug smuggling operation to a halt, authorities said Monday. The shots were fired about 11p.m Saturday from a Blackhawk helicopter operated by U.S. […]